South Africa's far-right
An exclusive report on the Kommandokorps, who claim to be training thousands of white youn...
published: 27 Nov 2013
Farm murders in South Africa
Interview with Two South African farmers expressing Fears of a White Genocide, and intervi...
published: 18 Jan 2014
Latest News Bulletin - 'Apartheid still very alive in South Africa'
http://www.youtube.com/LatestNewsBulletin Latest News Bulletin Watch English & Arabic Worl...
published: 31 Jul 2013
THE LATEST NEWS : South Africa's booming security industry
South Africa's booming security industry | Video Music | Top News ... video.topnewstoday.o...
published: 22 Jan 2013
author: WTLNews
South African student interviewed by local news
Since you guys like accents, click here for an awesome Australian impersonation! http://ww...
published: 14 Sep 2013
South Africa's deadly Trojan Horse
Warning: graphic video. A CBS News crew witnessed South African police gunning down childr...
published: 09 Dec 2013
The New Drugs Craze Sweeping South Africa with Fatal Consequences
http://video.news.sky.com/skynews/video/ Drug addicts in South Africa are robbing HIV-posi...
published: 27 Jan 2011
author: skynews
Cape Town - South Africa Gang Warfare (Sky News)
Sky News Content 8 Aug 2012....
published: 13 Jun 2013
South African police brutality caught on camera #BBCtrending - BBC News
A video showing a Nigerian man being brutally attacked by uniformed police in South Africa...
published: 11 Mar 2014
South African White Supremacist Threatens Black Female News Reporter
After the death of South Africa's White Supremacist leader, Eugene Terreblanche, things ge...
published: 12 Apr 2010
[Sky News] South Africa: Crime epidemic drives emmigration
2008.06.10 Every day in South Africa some 50 people are murdered, and countless others fal...
published: 10 Jun 2008
author: NewsRevue
Nelson Mandela National Day of Prayer Held in South Africa
The legacy of the former South African leader is honored....
published: 08 Dec 2013
BBC News - Nelson Mandela: South Africa mourners sing and dance
Crowds have gathered in South Africa to mourn Nelson Mandela, who has died aged 95. The B...
published: 06 Dec 2013
Nelson Mandela Dead: South African Peace Leader Remembered as Fighter
The voice of his people, Mandela struggled over South Africa's legacy of racial apartheid....
published: 06 Dec 2013
Vimeo results:
Wines of South Africa Integrity & Sustainability Seal
Wines of South Africa needed an informative & entertaining film to promote South African W...
published: 26 Jul 2011
South African National Reserve Bank
TVC to introduce the new South African bank notes. The concept is moments of Nelson Mandel...
published: 14 Sep 2012
adidas skateboarding | durban 2012 | South Africa
The South African adidas skateboard team recently went to explore the hometown of new team...
published: 27 Sep 2012
Brunch (Short Film)
Brunch is a short film about a dysfunctional relationship. Written, directed and edited b...
published: 01 May 2013

Youtube results:
South Africa: crowds mourn Nelson Mandela's death and celebrate his life
South Africans are contemplating a future without Nelson Mandela after the death of the co...
published: 06 Dec 2013
South Africa: a bitterly divided nation
The death of Nelson Mandela shines a sharp focus on what in parts is still a bitterly divi...
published: 09 Dec 2013
News: No Titanfall for South Africa + The Last Of Us Movie Revealed + Watch Dogs Multiplayer Details
Titanfall won't release in South Africa because it didn't hold up well in the beta. Naught...
published: 08 Mar 2014
Ethiopia 2-1 South Africa : 2014 World Cup Qualifying - Ethiopian Sport News
http://www.ethiopian.tv : Ethiopia beat South Africa 2 to 1 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Qua...
published: 16 Jun 2013
author: ethiopiantv
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